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These are some links to some other websites that I like that are also some of my favortites.


                                                            This is a great website for LGBT News.   

This is the Official Website of Dr. Phil McGraw.


This is the Official Website of Jay McGraw.


This is the Texas Best Outfitters Booking Agent.  

This where you can watch any kind hunting or fishing Show. 

This is a baseball team that is an affiiate of the Texas Rangers. '


This is a Hunting & Fishing Catalog.


This is a place to get all of your Fishing & Hunting needs. 

This is the company that is run by a friend of mine that I hunt dove with his name is Bill Hidell. hidelllogo.gif (1578 bytes)

   This is a good hunting site to get all your hunting supplies.


This is the Professional Bull Riders Website.

 The following is the link to The Premier Rodeo Website.


This also a TV show that Texas Best Outfitters has appeared on.