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    I am a two thousand one graduate of Paint Creek I.S.D, which is near Haskell, Texas. I am 22 years old. I was born in Abilene, Texas at Hendrick Medical Center and I spent my first five years in Rule, Texas and then in 1987 I moved to Lake Stamford and started school at Paint Creek I.S.D. I spent 3 years at Paint Creek. In 1991 I moved to Lueders and started going to school at Lueders-Avoca. Then in 1995 I moved back to Paint Creek where I graduated from in 2001. I grew up on the Krooked River Ranch near Haskell, Texas.  During my four years of high school, I was active in FFA, Football, Basketball, golf, tennis, and UIL. I also served as the Public Address Announcer for the Paint Creek Pirates Junior High Football team for Five Years.    

    During my senior year I was selected as a Who’s Who among American High school students. I spent one semester at South Plains College in Levelland where I was going for a certification in Web Page design. During the past eighteen years.  I have helped my dad run Krooked River Ranch Outfitters, which in 2001 became Texas Best Outfitters. We have worked hunting shows together all over the U.S. from St. Louis, Missouri to New York and from Charlotte, North Carolina back to Dallas and everywhere in between. I have met people from all over the United States. I have met people from the NRA, NFL, Congressmen, and The President of the United States before while he was governor of the great state of Texas. I was a cadet in the seventh Battalion of the Texas Bobwhite Brigade, which is a wildlife leadership camp for high school students that are thirteen to eighteen or sophomores to seniors and maintain a B average. The Bobwhite Brigade is also a good way to learn about quail and how to conserve its habitat. The Bobwhite Brigade is sponsored by the Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas Best Outfitters, Texas Wildlife Association, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Quail Unlimited put on Brigade. The bobwhite brigades there are thirty cadets from all over the state of Texas. There are three divisions of the Texas Bobwhite Brigade they’re the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade, The East Texas Feathered Forces, and the South Texas Bobwhite Brigade.  During the bobwhite brigade we did a necropsy of a quail and learned this phrase by Lynyrd Skynard called, and this bird you can not change which means that you can’t change the Bobwhite quail that you can only change its habitat, and we fitted a bobwhite quail with a radio transmitter. I also learned how to do taxidermy of a bobwhite quail. I have also helped out with the Clearfork Range Camp which the Ag teachers in the NRCS districts of Haskell, California Creek, and Andrew-Kent Soil & Water Conservation districts.  One of my family’s values is to go to church on a regular basis. Another one of my family’s values is annual family reunions and Christmas get together’s.

            My talent & skills include Website design, marketing, and sales. I have recently designed my own WebPages. I help my dad sale and book hunts for Texas Best Outfitters. I have many abilities. They are computer related and memory related. I have a great ability to remember names and faces of hunters and friends of mine that I have met while my dad and I have been in the hunting business. I also have some friends of mine that I dove hunt with and probably continue to hunt dove with them. I have known them for many years since I was a little kid.

            I can help my community by helping with local area High school football games. I can also help my community by using my computer skills. I can also help my community by giving PowerPoint presentations on The Texas Bobwhite Brigades and The Texas Buckskin Brigades. I can also help those who need help setting up a webpage or e-mail account.  

    In 2003, I joined Trinity Baptist church in Stamford, Texas. On November 16,2003 after hearing a song by FFH. I was reading there cd book and after that I read and prayed there prayer that they had in it. Then on Sunday April 10th, 2005 I was baptized by immersion. Then on March 31st, 2006 I got baptized in the holy spirit while I was on a Church retreat. Also I felt God change my thinking on something that my grandmother had asked me. I feel that God wants me to pursue ministry. In October of 2006, I felt lead to Beltway Park. Where I became a member of on November 12, 2006. I became a member of the 20/20 life group. I also have attended the International House of Prayer Onething Conference in December of 2006. Where I felt called to become a church planter.


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