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    If you are wondering the four species of the Quail in Texas They are the: Bobwhite, Gambel's Quail, Mearn's quail (also called Harlequin or Montezuma or Fool's quail) and Scaled quail (also called Blue quail). Some of you are probably wondering What the Bobwhite Brigade is. The Bobwhite Brigade is a 4-day camp for high school students (incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors only) that is designed to make quail experts out of its members. Cadets are provided intensive training on quail biology and management by leading wildlife scientists from throughout Texas. Upon graduation, each member of The Bobwhite Brigade will be expected to present educational programs on quail management in his/her county of residence. Some of you are probably wondering Why I should attend the Bobwhite Brigade.Almost without exception, cadets from past Bobwhite Brigades rank this camp as the best they've ever attended! In fact, most return home from the hardest week of work they've ever been through, then work throughout the coming year for the opportunity to return as assistant counselors! What will you learn at the camp.Everything you ever wanted to know about quail, and more! You will study quail anatomy, biology, habitat management, population dynamics, conservation, hunting techniques, and lots more. In addition to a heaping dose of wildlife ecology, you will also learn about photography, entomology, botany, firearm safety, and leadership skills. Last year's curriculum and schedule is online. What do you mean, leadership skills? No matter what you choose as a profession, it will be important for you to develop the ability to think, plan, and present your ideas to others. A major component of The Bobwhite Brigade involves developing your ability to tell others in your community about quail conservation and management. Cadets will learn how to write news releases, present educational programs, and even be on radio or TV talking about quail. Is this camp only for 4-H students? No! Anyone who meets the criteria (sophomore, junior or senior classification, "B " grade average) is eligible to apply for this camp. All students with an interest in biology, conservation, and the outdoors are encouraged to apply.How many cadets will be at the camp?There will be a total of 30 cadets from throughout Texas. However, there will be no more than two delegates from each county. Where is the camp held?The camp will be conducted at the Krooked River Lodge located about 50 miles north of Abilene. The lodge, which is situated on the banks of the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, offers comfortable accomodations and is in the heart of some of Texas' finest quail habitat. How do I apply? Applications can be filled out online or obtained by writing to Bobwhite Brigade, c/o TAEX, 7887 N. Hwy. 87, San Angelo, TX 76901. Applicants must be incoming sophomores, juniors, or seniors in high school, and have at least a "B' average. Applications must be returned no later than April 1 in order to be considered. How will I know if I'm accepted? All applications will be evaluated by a steering committee in early April. That committee will select 30 cadets and two alternates. All applicants will be notified following this selection process. Is there any special equipment that I will need for the camp?Successful applicants will be given a detailed listing of items to bring. Each cadet will be responsible for their own bedroll and toiletries. Also, we are asking that each cadet bring with them a 35 mm camera. We will also be doing some trapshooting, so if you have shooting glasses, you may wish to bring them along. We will provide the shotguns and ammunition. Is there a fee for attending the camp? Yes! Each cadet pays $200 for the entire camp. That cost covers your meals, lodging, and supplies. We encourage you to solicit all or part of the tuition fee from your local Soil and Water Conservation District, bank, civic group, or conservation organization. The Bobwhite Brigade will help you to locate a sponsor if requested. Any questions please contact my self Lee Wilson or Texas Cooperative Extension Biologist Dale Rollins by E-mailing us and we will get more information To you or Call us Me at (325) 228-4424 or Dale Rollins at 325-653-4576. If you would like to read the Article from Last Year's Bobwhite Brigade. Please click here. Bobwhite Brigade Article. It was written by Abilene Reporter-News Outdoor writer Jerry O'Bryant.  Here is another Bobwhite brigade article.